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“CX Roadshow has become an event that we actually look forward to participating in. The opportunity for Amber Technology to visit all the major centres in Australia and talk to customers that are not based in Sydney or Melbourne is appreciated. In our third year of participation we have found the logistics and organisation to be faultless and the participation of all parties in a convivial and collaborative atmosphere adds to the commercial return.” Leon Hart ?Business Unit Manager – Professional Products Group

The CX Roadshow has become an important annual date in my calendar. I can take one day out of my week without the cost of airfares or accommodation. It has almost become more relevant than travelling south for the larger shows – Mick Privitera

Travelled all the way from Cairns to attend the CX Roadshow and thoroughly enjoyed the intimate design of the exhibition. Hats off to CX and all the exhibitors for making an effort to involve all major centres around Australia, not just Sydney and Melbourne – Danny Sale

I find attending the CX Roadshow time well spent. Much larger shows are diluted with products of little interest to me – Giles Wragg

The roadshow shows me what to expect in the future with providing informative seminars – Jamie Henson

An ideal local opportunity to see the latest products, catch up with industry professionals and network with friends in the business – Sheila Lorraine

For a small industry such as ours, the participation & interest is very big – Dyke Dunning

Not too big, all the pro’s are here, mix of product and social was refreshing – Richard Newton

So much new tech was shown off that I would otherwise have missed – Sean Ashton

Does not have the hype and the industry suppliers all trying to outsize and out do each other. More relevant to me than the other 2 big shows – Steve Rickertt

Not just a product expo, the Roadshow brings knowledge and experience to a range of cities which in turn provides a great opportunity for private training sessions during the visit – Dylan Kerr

Really good event and very well organized, all the team deserve a pat on the back for presenting such a professional event. Bravo – Rod Sommerich

The CX roadshow is a really great idea. It allows a broader range of the industry to meet vendors and experience new product – John Buchanan

A great way to network and learn.The tradeshow that comes to you. Hands on experience for those that cannot make it to Sydney or Melbourne – Stephen Dean

It was great to see a lot of our suppliers from out of town at the Roadshow. It gave us the opportunity to get our entire crew in and see what’s new – Tom Dodds

It’s a great no-nonsense tradeshow, with the right mix of interesting seminars and products on display. Because all attendees had a genuine interest in the industry, we were treated as the next potential big client and not like at some of the bigger shows – Andy Searle

CX Roadshow is sufficiently interesting to justify the down time from work, its mini-format really is focused and convenient – Steve Grimes

A more intimate venue and trade-show allowed for more comprehensive briefings on products and services. You don’t get that service at a big show. Well done – Ben Thrum

Great show; good gear and really appreciated the opportunity to chat with reps who aren’t regularly in Perth – Neale Watson

I like the CX roadshow because it provides an efficient overview of new products without wasting days of my time – Wayne Osborn

I went to the the Perth show with very high expectations but still blown out of the water – Jayden French

Especially good as we are regional, often undertaking a vast array of work in remote locations – Alan Phillips

A great opportunity to catch up with our existing suppliers and see their current offerings. It also enables us to meet suppliers we don’t normally see or do limited business with. It’s also a cost effective way for us to get multiple staff members in front of our suppliers as well – Andy Gayler

This Roadshow concept is a great way to get the latest products and ideas out to the states, where some members of the entertainment production community find it difficult to travel to major trade shows – Peter Robins

A great opportunity for industry networking. Being a single- day event there is greater likelihood of coinciding with other people. It also provided a calendar ‘bookmark’ for arranging to meet up with people – both generally and specifically – Roger Hind

The best thing about this show is the availability to the rank and file of the industry – Tony Burn

For a 3rd year in a row, I have attended the CX Roadshow?in Brisbane and as a one day exhibition and seminar series,?it definitely gets better every year. This year there were more exhibitors and this resulted in more interesting products being shown. Also like the way it is basically limited to industry professionals, rather than being open to the broader general public and students – David Gibson

CX gives all the ability to physically see and discuss products, not just read about or Google – Steve Williams

Smooth, free, walk up expo with some of the best and latest products available for demonstration – Mark Barry

The “Pop up” nature of it really suits our industry. I’d say most Audio/Lighting/AV guys don’t care about fancy custom stands and branded stationary. We just want to get hands on with the products – Kraig Kirsch

A relaxed setting where we were able to spend time with knowledgeable company representatives and get a good understanding of new product – Glenn Morgan

Show was great, some new and interesting audio product to check out – Francis Fragimeni

Thanks for bringing the roadshow to Melbourne – DerykHartwick

Roadshow brings together suppliers and customers in locations that are often under-represented nationally. It allows local offices to see what is out in the world and what emerging technologies we can expect to see over the forthcoming months – Michael Calder

The road show is a great event for WA. It is difficult and costly to travel east for these types of events so it rarely happens.?As such the exhibitors who bring their gear over here to be viewed are to be commended. Amazing what you can pick up in that environment that you cannot over the phone – Anthony Littlewood-Johnson

Great one day event, wham bam thank you ma’am. Simple low cost neworking and product updates – Wayne Osborn

The CX Roadshow provides a great opportunity for suppliers within a small niche market to present their latest products in an organised and succinct trade show to the professional and amateur members of the industry – Scott Kriedemann

The Sydney leg of the 2014 CX roadshow was the best yet – Mark Taylor

Fantastic show, nearly as good as the magazine – Bryan Shoosmith

Close to all gear I have spec’ed or purchased was as a result of a trade show, either Entech or particularly CX Roadshow. It is the only place where one can see many makes of equipment and discuss it with the relevant experts who can also guide you as to the direction technology is going – Len Phillips

This exhibition really opens up what is new and happening around the production scene, very impressive new gear coming out – Tony E Murphy

I live and operate in a regional centre more than 400kms from Perth. Often visits are time poor, no time to visit more than one or two reps, and often reps don’t have equipment out of boxes for hands on inspect. Saves time, money and enables better purchasing decisions – Darryl

A great eye opener in that similar products are used in so many different applications. My “Blinkers” were well and truly removed and I realised the potential for a greater target market than the one I am currently servicing – Bernard Hojski

Great opportunity for more staff to see a range of equipment – can’t afford to send more than one to Sydney – Andrew Bowen

Roadshow takes it to the people out in?the trenches doing the work. People that would not normally get to a single city trade show have the chance to touch and feel all the latest gear and ask all those nagging questions. It’s the next generation of trade shows – Jim Morley

The CX Roadshow is a contemporary trade exhibition that is well organised, poignant to our industry without any pretence. Congrats! – Zak Harrison

CX Roadshow is fast becoming THE trade show to attend for our industry. More of the quality buyers and suppliers and less of the tyre kickers and fly-by-nighters– Marcus Pugh

The Roadshow is a great idea for our industry as it is so much more cost and time effective for visitors to attend. One day is very manageable – David Riddell

Roadshow offered a condensed one day event that included exhibits, workshops and presentations. It made available?a unique opportunity to socialise and network. Very well executed – Adrian Carroll

CX road show gave me the opportunity to catch up with?our current and some new suppliers and forms a permanent part of our company’s calendar of supplier meet and greet trade shows. The great thing is its small enough to see everything and talk in detail to the key suppliers who exhibit – Martin Blunt

A convenient way to see what’s new on the market and to catch up with suppliers and industry acquaintances – Andrew Hudson

Roadshow gave me the opportunity to meet with suppliers, get hands on with product. It doesn’t replace the other trade shows – has its own unique place – Mark Apolony

Great show. Look forward to next year – Christopher Britton

CX was well laid out with plenty of room to chat with suppliers, customers and colleagues – Peter Gray

As a reseller, it is much more conducive to relationship building than the big shows – Steve Anderson

I have to admit after attending I found it a great opportunity to see a few quality suppliers rather than 3 halls of glossy showbags. See you next year – Frank Madzin

Compact, to the point exhibits with a real emphasis on knowledge transfer – Stuart Grant

We enjoyed catching up with suppliers and looking at new products – Ray Ghanem

Great roadshow! Absolutly awesome – Jason Sanders?

Well balanced trade show meeting current industry needs – Paul Beck

I find the roadshow is great for a quick wrap up of the latest technology, chatting with specialists and peers without having to jump on a plane or being out of the office a day or more – Russell Bennett

Good vendor representation manned by some very knowledgeable and helpful people who took the time out to answer all my questions, including the obvious ones – Domenico Carrera

CX Roadshow is one of the best places to network with industry peers, while seeing all the new gear that is being introduced to the market – Mark Nugent

Roadshow is a culmination of current industry standard equipment where you have the opportunity to see and touch it and get some expert information all at the same time – Andrew Leitch

As a Reseller of some of the products shown here it was good for me as suppliers and some of my clients were there also. Anything that brings the industries brands and people together can only be good for us – Brett Sullivan

Always enjoy the CX Roadshow. A good chance to catch up with not only suppliers, but local techs that you don’t get to catch up with as often as you should – Tim Freedmana